Blogger advantages over WordPress

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Why would I create such a subject if WordPress sites now exceed a quarted of entire web?

I don't know :o

Go away from this post!

Here comes my reasons if I need to generate some..

1. There is one combination if I choose to not use custom domain and if that happens I can force to use SSL. Now I can use https! This is nice feature if I really, really want my site to be not captured by man in the middle. Actually I do not know what I am talking about.. but SSL is a good thing and blogger gives you it with no extra cost. All I need to do is leave the blogger site with name ""

2. Blogger do not include a lot of plugins. Less plugins enabled, more security. Since Blogger is based on Google account I can enable two-step authentification. Maybe this will provide me extra security. Nothing is secure nowdays. But.. eh.

3. CDN. Content Delivery Network. The Google servers are placed all over the world and not in the one place. If I request my site from Australia it will download site from the nearest point. From europe it will download site content from different point. Probably not the same as Australia. If half of earth explodes I can still download my site somewhere in second part of world. It is almost like 100% uptime :D

There are no other advantages.

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