Download Slackware ARM repository locally

Install lftp client:
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install lftp -y
Cleate slackwarearm-14.2 directory into Downloads:
mkdir ~/Downloads/slackwarearm-14.2
Lets create new syncing profile:
vi ~/slackwarearm.ftp
Enter these commands inside file:
mirror -c /slackwarearm/slackwarearm-14.2 ~/Downloads/slackwarearm-14.2
To start synchronizing execute:
lftp -f ~/slackwarearm.ftp
Or do this in background:
lftp -f ~/slackwarearm.ftp &
Look if the process is still running:
ps aux | grep lftp
End process:
pkill lftp
Look if there is free space on device:
df -h
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