Windows 10 Slipstream and Conversion Tools, ESD

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Windows 10 can be downloadable in ESD format which saves internet bandwidth a bit. After all, there are two types of ESD files. One type of ESD is a clone of DVD image but very compressed. Second type of ESD file is just install.esd which is same as install.wim but very compressed.

I use these links as Windows 10 source files:
64-bit: 10240.16384.150709-1700.th1_clientpro_ret_x64fre_en-us_9d40e15f430ab89a1eabb165acbf40c9f07d18bb.esd
32-bit: 10240.16384.150709-1700.th1_clientpro_ret_x86fre_en-us_83d0ecebe1ccdde08a144a34df656d2af48c6b84.esd
I keep one of the ESD file in C:\ESDtoISO directory.

To convert ESD DVD image to ISO format I use ESDtoISO.
I keep extracted this application under C:\ESDtoISO

To create Windows 10 zero touch installation I use this autounattend.xml file.
I keep this file in C:\ESDtoISO

For install.wim and install.esd conversion I use ESD2WIM-WIM2ESD-wimlib-3
I keep the files extracted under C:\ESD2WIM-WIM2ESD-wimlib-3

To create bootable iso file from extracted DVD iso file, add futures like .NET 3.5 I need to install Windows Assessment and deployment Kit 10. This package requires Windows 7 or later. I need to install only "Deployment Tools" component:

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