Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Prepare Windows 7 for cloning

This post is tended to minimize image size and maximize restore speed.
  1. Use third party software to make only one partition. Format it as ntfs and set it active
  2. To make Windows image more flexible limite your system partition size (32gigs for example)
  3. Install Windows to this newly created partition. Do not edit partition table anymore.
  4. Turn off system restore (this will also speed up next step - update installing)
  5. Install Windows Updates
  6. Tur off hiberfill. You need to open Windows Comand prompt with administrative rights. Right Click on Windows Comand prompt and chose "Run as administrator" Then type powercfg -h off
  7. Disable page file
  8. Set active localy integreted administrator (by default it can be inactive)
  9. Delete all other users exept administrator.
  10. Remove unwanted user profiles
  11. Delete Internet Explorer cache
  12. Delete %temp% directory
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